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Who can we help?

Advocacy explained - easy read
Types of Advocacy explained

Who can refer to the Advocacy Hub?

The Advocacy Hub may receive referrals from but not limited to the following:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses involved in their medical treatment

  • Care Managers

  • Community Nurses

  • Housing Organisations

  • Voluntary Agencies

  • Self Referral

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  1. Use a Service provided by Social Services, such as a Residential Home or a Day Service.

  2. Use a Health Service, such as a Hospital or have a Doctor.

  3. Want to use a Health or Social Care Service but are not at the moment.

  4. Are a Carer and needs support from services.

We can support people who live in Hartlepool and:

You can access support in respect of:

• Decision making

• Navigation through housing, health and social care system

• Short term issue based/crisis advocacy

• Health advocacy – support to attend and understand procedures

• Care Act Advocacy - people are legally entitled to have an independent advocate to support them to understand and participate in their health and social care assessments, support plans, reviews or safeguarding enquiries. This can be for assessments for your own care needs, or for your needs as a carer.


The advocacy service provided under the framework will not extend to provision of advocacy for the following remits:

• Benefits/welfare

• Parents of Children in Care

• Education issues

• Long term. Ongoing, low level point of contact

• Complaints about NHS Services (these should be referred to the Independent Complaints Advocacy service which is currently provided by the Carers Federation)

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